Monday, December 1, 2014


Today we saw the 13th specialist, the endocrinologist. I don't know if many can truly understand, but I've spent most of Sadie's life counting calories for her to gain weight and NOT be failure to thrive. I feed her high calorie milk shakes. Her solid foundation of growth and body has been a result of regular worry and regular weigh-ins by doctor's orders. Dicing food because she doesn't chew, adding mayo to make the texture soft enough so she doesn't have sensory issues. A year and a half of eating therapy with CHKD. My pseudo-g-tube fed kid has now reached a weight level that I now that to back off because her tummy weight gain is too much over the past year. Her metabolism has changed, she's being checked for hormone issues, she self-feeds a little better, but I'm in shock. I'm sitting here just so thankful that she's grown after all these years of hard work.  After all my preaching about keeping her fed and nourished... We now have to adapt.  And now making sure she isn't eating too much.