Friday, July 13, 2012


Apparently the man gymnastics teacher at Shelbi's gymnastics class, asked 2 kids last night if they had a brain in their head because they werent folllowing directions. So shelbi just asked if Sadie has a brain in her head since She doesn't understand and do what she's told.

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Monday, July 9, 2012


This has been the hardest week of my life.
Sadie had recurrent strep, totaling 5 times between January and May. The ENT examined her a few weeks ago, and it was determined, if she had her tonsils removed that she would get strep significantly less.
Not only did strep consume Sadie, her sister got it several times, and so did I, our whole house shut down with sore throats, achey bodies, headaches, lack of eating and drinking. and over all feeling miserable for 3-5 days each time we each got it. Strep equaled dozens of missed days of Kindergarten, preschool, and overall diminished quality of life. In fact, I was hospitalized for strep meningitis and viral meningitis for 4 nights.
And so it was scheduled and on Tuesday, Sadie had both tonsils removed, with very little loss of blood, the doctor didn't even need to use sutures. I assumed a few days of eating less and drinking less. What I didn't anticipate was 8 hours of wheeling her around the 8th floor of the hospital in a wagon with the IV cart rolling with us. She completely refused to sit still, refused to lay in her bed, and refused to play in one spot. The only way she was comfortable was laying in the wagon, surrounded by pillows and constantly moving.
We finally insisted the best place for her would be at home and we promised to keep her hydrated with a syringe (65cc's) and fluids. We've been in this situation before when she was sick with a flu or cold. I've had to hydrate her with a syringe and electrolyte fluids to avoid going to the ER. I assumed this would be no different.
After being home for a day, the syringe became a form of torture for both of us. Holding her down and forcing her to drink it just got worse and worse as the days went by. We were forcing everything, including medication and drinks.
By Friday morning, 3 days after surgery, we started thinking about going back to the hospital and get an IV in her. I was completely consumed with getting enough in her to keep her hydrated. By then, her urine output was pushing 15 hours, and by Saturday, she had gone almost 24 hours without going potty. Memaw was awesome with her, getting her to eat some ice. At that point, every time I approached her with a medicine cup or syringe, she would run hysterically the other direction
Saturday morning I gave her her appetite stimulant and she finally started eating more ice, snow-cone ice, sipping a few drinks from a juice box, and even eating a few bites of cheese and letting animal crackers melt in her mouth.
Relief came Sunday morning when she woke and chugged 2 whole cups of ice water and just kept eating soft foods all day. I am so so grateful for the appetite stimulant. I think we might have found ourselves in the hospital again if it hadn't been for that medication.
We are now at day 6 since surgery and she is drinking much better, but still needing pain medication. She hasn't resumed her milkshake diet yet and her her little body that used to look healthy, now looks thin and her legs and arms look boney. Her face looks thin and tired.
I know we are out of the woods now, but it was one of the most stressfull weeks. Knowing how critical it is for her to drink and eat, and not being able to make her understand that she had to drink. To help her understand that I wasn't hurting her by giving her gatorade in a syringe, that it was for her own health.
Hoping for a healthier year without those tonsils!!!!
****The last photo was when she was 15 months and the ER couldn't get an IV in any of her veins. After trying every hand, arm, foot, and leg, maybe 20 IV tries, they finally put her IV in her forehead. Another stressful memory :(