Monday, September 27, 2010

blowing raspberries....not funny to the speech therapist

"Sadie is a wreck today, " was the first thing the pregnant twenty-something-first- time-mom speech therapist said the moment she saw me in the lobby of Sadie's school an hour ago.  She continued to describe how Sadie was blowing raspberries or zerberts and she continued to tell her "no" and sign "stop" during her short 20 minutes of speech therapy.  Her therapy session is at the end of Sadie's half day preschool. She continued to describe how Sadie thought it was funny and continued even though she said "no" and signed "stop."  She was genuinely frustrated that Sadie continued to do this. And truthfully, Sadie looked like she had been crying, which is VERY rare. 

Okay so Really?????  Sadie IS intellectually disabled, she has the intellect of a two year....what the @#$% do you think two year olds do.....they blow raspberries and zerberts and they think it's funny.  Honestly in the scheme of life is blowing raspberries and zerberts REALLY that bad.  Sadie is essentially non-verbal, so how else you you expect her to communicate?  The fact that the speech therapist found it necessary to complain over something so small the moment she saw me is concerning.  Hell, she's luck Sadie didn't poop in her underwear or pee all over herself.  Hell, how about starting the conversations with a positive comment first and then pick your battles.  Really? Blowing raspberries is the definition of Sadie being a wreck today in a 20 minute speech session???