Sunday, June 20, 2010

Fathering a Daughter with a Hidden Voice | Support for Special Needs
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Thursday, June 10, 2010

end of school=beginning of summer more short week and another year of school will be over...summer school or extended school year still feels like a toss up to me...driving clear across town for 3 hours of summer school doesn't sound that exciting, but the 2 hour break I'd have would be great. ESY might also mess up our summer plans for the water park and beach, but then again ESY is only 5 weeks....see what I mean...I keep talking myself in and out of it. I guess the bottom line is...what is best for Sadie and the greater good of the whole family at the same time....ok still can't decide...

Saturday, June 5, 2010

recent obsession with ice

Sadie has replaced her bubble push talk obsession with ice.  So I took one of her cheaper one push buttons and a photo of ice, I put it in a 4x6 photo sleeve and taped it to the refrigerator.  Every time she wants ice she pushes the button. It seems that she is doing this every 2-10 minutes…. The idea is that she gets an immediate response and hopefully learns to push the buttons to communicate her desires…..hopefully….

Friday, June 4, 2010

energizer bunny

grommet island shelbi

funny how when you make a vow to be honest, that you then reconsider just how honest…even omitting…that’s not honest either is it? So, my last post i made a vow that my blog posts would be real…and here’s the reality.

i took shelbi to the new park on the beach this morning, the one for “all” abilities…and to my happy surprise, i ran into a  friend who has a little girl with Down Syndrome.  I consider this friend to be very similar in personality to myself and we always have lots to talk about.  Her daughter is about 6 weeks younger than Shelbi.

now here it comes…the truth…i watched her chase after her, assist her with all levels of the playground, the slide, the steps, and we followed her around chatting , while she followed her little girl around to keep her safe.  it finally occurred to me that this is EXACTLY what i must look like to all other people when i am chasing after sadie.  i just kept thinking, how can it not be obvious to the people around me that while i chase and follow sadie that it must be exhausting…she’s like the energizer bunny….she just keeps going.  i wonder what other people think when they see us together, when they see us following sadie for her safety. when they see that we NEVER have the chance to sit and talk, that we NEVER get the chance to enjoy the meal with everyone else…….is it really not so obvious?

usually when we go out to the park, cookouts, family functions, most of the time, everyone else is able and allowed to sit in their little *circle of friends and family*…they get to catch up and chat, but with sadie we are in constant movement to keep her safe from falling, putting dangerous things in her mouth, climbing on or standing on objects that would hurt her, holding her hand as she walks across uneven ground.  and i walk and walk and walk and the little energizer bunny just never slows down for a break…NEVER….and…

thank you all the people who have been aware of the never ending following that we do to keep sadie safe and especially a big thanks to Amy and Nanny for helping me have fun at last Sunday’s cook out by following sadie and helping me keep her safe, while also being able to have some fun too.