Wednesday, April 28, 2010


All wet, all dressed, in the pool!
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Tuesday, April 27, 2010


I was responding to a question about preschool to Kindergarten. I
figured I might post this, especially after writting it down...this
was her path from private inclusion to now public "reverse
mainstreaming" (inclusion)

Well, Sadie had a wonderful experience at All Saints in the 2s class
and the director Dee was very open to having inclusion. However
wanting inclusion and having teachers willing to teach it, well that's
a whole different set of issues.
Sadie was in the 2s from Jan to May 2008. When she started in Sept
2008 in the next group up, one of the teachers actually refused to
teach in the same room as Sadie. She very bluntly stated that children
like Sadie belong in a special ed self contained classroom. We were
shocked and beyond belief that the director stood for that behavior,
especially when she told us she wanted Sadie at her school. The
director moved the teacher to another classroom and we continued
there. Sadly, the other teachers let Sadie play alone while they
engaged the other students. They even went as far to tell us that we
should only bring Sadie to school in the morning after she had a BM.
As if we really had control over that!
Ultimately, we moved her out of All-Saints at the end of November '08
and she started self contained at JBDey. Jan-June '09. We felt like
they were good enough, but still not the environment we wanted. That
drove me to look in to other preschool inclusion options. Donna Robel,
along with Susie OConnell met with the VB special ed dept. And
ultimately they were working on a pilot "reverse mainstreaming class"
modeled after Chesapeake.
Now, Sadie is at Birdneck, with the most amazing teachers in an
inclusion class, 6 sp ed and 6 typical.
My advice is to push for another year of preschool. How old is your
child, birthday? As long as they are 5, they should be able to go to
preschool. You might do some research and see if you can call an IEP
meeting (in writing). See what the team recommends, try to stand your
ground, find all your options!
Maybe someone who knows the answer about the age allowed in preschool
can respond!

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Sunday, April 25, 2010


What adjectives would you say describes this photo?


So a drunk stranger on a bike yelled a R-word joke as he passed our street. Some might say don't be so sensitive, others might say wouldn't it hurt you if you have an intellectually disabled daughter, who is the most loving, beautiful, innocent little child. Did you know that she didn't choose her intellect, did you know that people are injured, or perhaps people grow old and can't remember, perhaps you are still young and when you do something say that word. Do you mean it positively? How about saying a joke about the most vulnerable people, who are the most loving. I'm just saying...maybe you should think twice...
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Thursday, April 22, 2010

Back Yard

So to sign back yard, you throw your thumb over your shoulder and then wave your flat hand parallel to the ground...back yard...well anyway, we all love spending the afternoons on the deck, playing in the sand, swinging on the swing, and just simply hanging out. We are glad to be home!
We came home from the splint clinic at 330, Sadie was fitted for Polly Wogs, (aka shoe inserts) also made by Cascade the same company that makes AFOs. Pretty neat concept, and I don't have to buy anymore cheap ones from the pharmacy! Plus insurance pays for it and that's aways a bonus!
I love sunny afternoons when it's in the low 70s.
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Tuesday, April 20, 2010


Looking guilty after she dumped a cup of cooked rice all over her the table and put a handful down her cute anyway. Thank goodness for the dog!
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Friday, April 9, 2010


You can see how big the top of the tree is compared to the fence and bike in the background.
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Ironically, as I pressed the send button on that last blog post, thetop of our tree fell half way down the tree and scared the crap outta me! Tree guys came out to take the huge piece out this afternoon.Having the whole tree removed next week!

Thursday, April 8, 2010


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terrible 2s

So, I took Sadie to the doctor this morning after feeling whole heartedly that she was suffering from ear infection, sore throat, sinuses, allergies, something.  She was off the charts fussy yesterday and this morning had a complete meltdown over nothing.  She cried uncontrolably and without me being able to sooth her for over an hour.  After her tears and mine; and seeing Shelbi standing there looking at both of us like we are crazy, I called the doctor and made an appointment.  I was sure she'd find something.  Afterall, Shelbi is on an antibiotic for an ear and sinus infection, I've also been on amoxicillin for the same.  It seemed obvious that Sadie probably had the same.
After a thorough evaluation, she is a completely healthy child.  The conclusion....Sadie is developmentally at 24-28months old..."Terrible Twos."
After pointing out that I've had a perfectly tempered loving child for the past 5 years and that I pretty much avoided (so far) the 2-3 year old temper tantrums with Shelbi, that the conclusion is that Sadie is struggling to tell us what she wants and then compounded by her disablilites...she is having tantrums.
Well this got me thinking on the way home, as I was debated to drink a beer with lunch or take a "pill" instead....that if Sadie has been on the 50%-60% developomental track for the past 5 years....Does that lead me to conclude she might possibly be in the terrible 2's -3's stage for 2-3 years????????  oh my gosh the thought of that really makes me want medication.  That might be an overstatement because I'm pretty level headed when handling Sadie.  My husband; on the other hand, well I kinda lose my head with him =)
Well, we are home now and as I type this post, Sadie is running around the deck soaking wet in a t-shirt and pajama pants (without a diaper) playing in the 6 foot plastic pool filled about 2 inches with cold water.....AND she is happy as can be and seems to be for now at least, back to her normal self.  Thank Goodness.
Oh, Shelbi when to Granny's today for some quiet one on one without Sadie.  She deserves a break too.  I need to always remember that. 

Thursday, April 1, 2010


Sadies lost weight. Back to pushing food
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