Sunday, February 28, 2010

Low Tech Assistive Technology


Sunday! A cup of Coffee! Shelbi watching Annie on youtube (because the disc is scratched beyond playing)! Daddy on the couch! Sadie's babbling in the background trying so hard to tell us what the heck she is thinking!
We had a family luncheon yesterday for our GREAT GREAT Aunt Thelma who was married to GREAT GREAT Uncle Bill (Bill's name sake).
Sandwiches, potato salad, chips, and tea...I wish all parties could be that simple and easy. When you get those ladies together, everyone is chatting and catching up. They are all southern gals and chatting is definitely in their blood.
As for us, Sadie brought home that yucky throat virus 2 weeks ago, which was then passed on to Shelbi, which has since passed on to Bill and me. (So we limited our kissing/hugging with the family yesterday). Another day with a preschooler in the house...she's always bringing home germs.
Funny to think, before I had my own children, I said getting germs was good for them because it would make them immune for the future, but now...geezzzzz I would be happy if we all would stay healthy for at least a few don't need immunity if you don't catch the germs right? If we could just get Sadie past the stage of putting EVERYTHING in her mouth. It is what it is!!!!!!!!

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Echo Under Anesthesia

I feel terrible for not posting sooner, but its been a crazy week.
Sadie was put under anesthesia for the Echo on her heart. The cardiologist was able to get a good look by doing it externally. Although, we had been prepped that he might need to do a Trach echo down her throat to get a better look if needed. He didn't have to do it.
The ASD (atrium septial defect) hole is still 4mm wide, which he described to be small. Nearly half a centimeter sounds pretty big to me, but hey, I didn't go to Cardiology school.
He said that the small size of the hole didn't warrant putting her through a catheterization procedure to place the device in to close the hole. Great News!
We arrived at the hospital at 6am and were home by 1015am. Sadie was back to normal without any major side effects from the anesthesia. She was just a little groggy.
The other crazy part of the week was finding out that we might be losing her Medicaid consumer services because of our state's budget cuts. So I went to the General Assembly for the day and have spent every other second of my days writing and calling Senators, Delegates, and our new Governor asking that they not cut programs for people with developmental disabilities.
Oh, to top it off, Shelbi got that yucky fever throat virus on Wednesday to Friday, so she went to the doctor also...she's all better now though!
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Wednesday, February 17, 2010


Sadie just looked at me while she was holding the handle to the Leap Frog shopping cart. I asked her, "Are you going grocery shopping?".
She moved around to the front of the child size cart and sat on top like she was getting in the cart for me to push. So cute!
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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Pepper and Shampoo and the "Procedure"

It's gotta be the funny things that you just can't do anything about that get me through this. A few weeks ago, Sadie was able to squeeze her skinny long arm into the "child proofed" lock on the cabinet and grab the pepper box. Now, anyone who knows me well enough will tell you that I'm slightly neurotic about keeping at least one eye on my children at all times. Well, Sadie seems to always find a way to get into what ever is around that we just don't want her to touch. In that one second, before I could grab it from her, she was able to empty a box of pepper in the middle of her lap, sitting in the "W" sit and poof, pepper dust was everywhere. What's a mom to do? I just sighed and said, "Oh Sadie." I picked her up and stripped her exactly where she was and redressed her. Then I went back and swept the emptied box of pepper. As I'm sweeping that last little bit of dust of the floor, I hear a squish squish sound. You know, the sound of the very last squeeze of shampoo out of the very empty bottle. Again, only a minute could have gone by and I am so good about putting the shampoo high in the shower, just for those exact moments when Sadie is trying to get into mischief. I run to the bathroom (all 5 feet away from the kitchen) and there she sits in her newly changed outfit in the bottom of the tub, COVERED in strawberry shampoo. On the bright side, she and the next load of laundry, including the pepper covered clothes smelled like strawberries. Oh, I sigh and smile...I love her so much

I'm dreading tomorrow, and procrastinating going to bed because I know it will make tomorrow morning come just that much faster. If you have no idea what I'm talking about, see the link about the cardiology appointment...that's tomorrow...the "procedure."

Sick with worry

I'm having that sick feeling of dread and worry about tomorrow's procedure.
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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Tuesday, February 2, 2010