Friday, November 20, 2009

Coffee Tables and Staples Oh My!

Yesterday was one of those unexpected, yet predictable days. Sadie fell and hit her head. I think I even just told Sadie's Attendant the other day that I was feeling like something was about to happen...its been a while since she’s hurt herself.

The week started pretty normal, except Sadie woke with an unusually runny nose. I assumed it was allergies, after all, we were raking the leaves on Sunday and Daddy power-washed the green grime off the front porch. Even I was feeling a little stuffy and I knew it was because I raked the back yard. You know the times when you shouldn't do something, but you do it anyway. Well, I should have let Daddy rake because I get a sinus infection every time. Anyway, back to Sadie. We sent her too school with allergy medicine in her system and she had a good 3 hours at school (according to the teachers). Tuesday morning she woke with Croup. There was no need to panic or to be alarmed, this was the 4th time in her life. I did call the doctor to make an appointment because I just can't tell if she has any other symptoms. She is nonverbal and has a very high pain threshold so it's all and educated guess at this point. The doctor confirmed Croup and said that her ears, throat, chest all sounded good and that I should just continue to monitor her for trouble breathing. I should also give her steamy showers and run a humidifier at night. Croup and her Cold continued through the middle of the week and she continued to miss school.

So on to Thursday's drama...Shelbi was watching Annie, which she is absolutely addicted to right now. Sadie was wandering around the family room and the playroom as usual. Sadie tried to crawl up on the couch in front of Shelbi. Sadie tends to just randomly walk up to Shelbi and pop her in the head, which she did...Shelbi cried out and yelled, "Stop Sadie." She proceeded to full force push Sadie off the couch. Honestly, I can't say that I blame her too much. If Sadie had more balance and control over her body, she might not have fallen back so hard. She landed on the floor and her head hit the bottom edge of the coffee table. I was about 10 feet from her when she hit and it sounded like a block of wood hitting the table. I of course rushed over and picked her up. I felt around her head to try to figure out if she was bleeding. I got blood on my hand and it dripped on the back of her shirt. I lifted her hair up and saw that it didn't seem that bad of a cut, but the sound of her hitting just made me feel like she must be really hurt. I called the doctor's office and they asked me to bring her right in.

The nurse looked at Sadie and said she looked fine, but she wanted her pediatrician to look at it just to be sure. The doctor came in and said she looked fine and gave me a lecture about the height of the fall probably didn't hurt her. She told me to watch for vomiting and other symptoms of a head trauma. We got in the car and Sadie started to doze off, I took the long way home and decided to drive around a bit to ease my nerves. She woke a few times gagging, which freaked me out. After being in the car for about 45 minutes she vomits ALL over herself and my car. I immediately call the doctor…we go to the children’s hospital emergency. She was assessed and we decided to let her stay a little while for observation rather than exposing her to the radiation of a CT scan. (1-2% chance of brain tumor later in life). It had been about 7 hours since her fall and we were getting ready to go home. The nurse and the doctor started cleaning her wound and we surprisingly discovered that it was small, but VERY deep. The doctor basically pressured-washed the area and gave her a staple to close the wound. Of course anyone reading this can imagine that Sadie was being held down on her tummy, she was hysterical and so was I especially when the word “staple” was used. Thankfully, that was the end of the trauma and the drama. We were sent home with discharge papers. We gave Sadie Motrin and she slept through the night.

She still has her cold, but the Croup cough is gone, and she walked away from the day with a staple in the back of her head.