Sunday, June 28, 2009


Sadie has been signing "more" constantly and saying, "momomo" (more) the whole time she is signing it. She's even using it appropriately too. But it is also taking the place of want and being generalized. I'm just so glad she has realized that when she signs and says mo that she is letting us know she wants or needs something!

Last week, Meghan told me she signed doctor (you point to your wrist like you are feeling for a heart beat). I just thought that is such an odd sign for her to know. Granted we do say doctor a lot and we do go to lots of doctor appointments. I really thought she'd sign something else like milk, drink, cereal, or something I use daily. But sure enough, the other day, I said doctor and Sadie started pointing to her wrist...amazing!

On Friday, we were in the baby pool on the deck, the birds were chirping and we were just enjoying the nice weather. Sadie started looking around as if she was listening and she started pinching her pointer and thumb together and signing bird. I asked her if she heard the birds and both hands just started signing what a great feeling. I will be so thankful if she can sign to us. Everyone will have to learn...which I've been saying for 3 years =)
Sisterly Love...

Thursday, June 25, 2009


So the girls rarely watch TV and it is really not for lack of trying on my part. They just don't seem to be interested. The only thing Shelbi will watch is Signing Time.

So this morning, I turned on Sesame Street...Shelbi said nooooooooo...moooosssic. Who's that sound like? My husband.

I change the channel to 902. We love digital music around here, but I can't remember what type of music is on 902. I just figure that's a good place to start. The 900's are the music channels. Both girls are sitting on the sofa, one on either side of me. The second the music comes on, I see it is the Hip Hop R&B channel, both girls hop up and start dancing. Daddy will be so proud!

Thursday, June 11, 2009


Meghan and I took the girls to the beach yesterday. Lucky for us Meghan has a waterproof camera.
She got some really sweet pictures of the girls...

Tuesday, June 9, 2009


Wow, what a great day. Sadie has been signing "more" for the past 2 days!!! She also ran up to daddy when he got home from work yesterday and said "dada." Mama comes more naturally to her and we rarely hear her say "dada." We were so excited to hear it!!! She also started jumping with both feet coming off the ground. Great accomplishments Sadie!!! I love you.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Summer Plans

There's only a few more days of school left before summer break. We aren't sending Sadie to ESY (extended school year) with the public school because her teacher doesn't believe it will be a good transition for Sadie. We also decided that sending her to the private summer program would take away financially from our family and we can all do a lot with the money rather than go directly to Sadie. Sometimes everyone has to have a equal vote. With that said and as much as I love her dearly, we had to find something for her to do to have a break from our house.

She will be attending a animal/farm camp for 2 weeks from 9am to 12pm. They were wonderful enough to allow our attendant to go with her. She will also be attending MyGym summer program, which is the same hours. They are also allowing Sadie's attendant to join her.

In addition to that, we plan to go to the water park a few days a week, the zoo, and also the aquarium!

So far we have been spending a lot of time swinging on the swing set in our back yard and playing on the deck.

We did have our environmental modifications done to the house and they turned out good. First we had a child height rail put on the front and back deck stairs and also on the stairs inside. We also had gates put up at the stair entrances on the back deck. They installed "pool" locks on the gates. This has been great because I can open the kitchen door and the girls can play on the deck while I make breakfast. Sadie has also been able to go up and down the stairs all by herself because she has a rail to hold. Of course, I still have to be near and I've caught her a few times before she has fallen. I think with time and practice, she will be able to maneuver the stairs on her own. They also built crib style doors for her bunk bed so we can get her out of her crib and into a "big girl bed." I'll post pictures soon!!!