Saturday, May 30, 2009


Sorry, I realized I didn't follow up after our appointment with the Plastic Surgeon about the Drooling.

Turns out the surgery to “tie off” the salvation glands is not as simple as the geneticist made it sound plus it is permanent. He also gave us an alternative to inject Botox in the gland to paralyze it for 3-8 months, but he couldn't guaranty the Botox wouldn’t get in her facial muscles and therefore affect her appearance.

I did some research and the conclusion is that you shouldn’t take such dramatic steps until you give the child enough time to get control of swallowing (after the age of 6). The dentist who saw her a few weeks ago agrees that it’s a little dramatic right now. We should give her time to develop mentally. Considering her feeding/swallowing age is around 12-18 months, we should give her till her developmental age to see if she can get control of it on her own. I read that lots of kids still drool up to 2-4 years of age.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Teeth and Eyes

Well, its been an exciting week around here. On Sunday night, while I was visiting our next door neighbor, Sadie lost her balance and fell out of a chair. (She was trying to sit with Shebli and Shelbi wasn't so happy about the idea =) Bill called me frantic and of course I came running home to find Sadie's right front tooth half way out. The left front tooth wasn't as bad. We called every dentist we knew and the pediatrician's office. As a result...the emergency situation was under control and we would see her regular dentist in the morning.

On Monday morning we saw the dentist. He told us to watch for discoloration in the next week to 10 days. We are on day 3 and they really look pretty good considering. I'm crossing my fingers they will stay white and be ok.

Today, we went to Sadie's annual eye appointment. It has been 3 years since she had her strabismus corrective surgery. The doctor said her eyes are very healthy and the surgery has held up well. (Sometimes it has to be redone). Her eyes will probably be dilated for the rest of the day. Those blue eyes react strongly to the drops.

Friday, May 15, 2009

Strawberry Picking

Today Sadie's class went strawberry picking! We decided to drive separately so Shelbi could come too. We got to the farm around 9:15. Both girls loved walking and running down the rows of strawberries. We all had a good time eating and picking. Shelbi was a much better eater, but she really enjoyed putting them in the basket too.
Sadie loved carrying the basket around. She did a really good job walking over the rows and picking too! We had a great time. Oh, daddy went too. Unfortunately, we didn't hang out with her class to much because their bus was an hour later getting to the farm. Both girls are napping now, so exhausting picking fruit!

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Plastic Surgeon

This week we see a Plastic Surgeon. The geneticist has recommended we explore having Sadie's salivation glands tied because her drooling continues to be excessive. Many days she will wear approximately 4-5 shirts. She will no longer wear a bib and truly it's not age appropriate since she's 4 years old. The main concern used to be the socially acceptable factor, but there are questions about if she might be losing too much fluid to stay hydrated. Plus family and friends accept it about her, but I'm sure other people might find drooling a little gross. I understand that! It doesn't bother me, but I don't want her to lose fluids either. We go on Thursday...I'll keep ya'll posted!

Friday, May 8, 2009

Good Things

Ok, after venting...I'd like to add some good things Sadie can do...
  • She now lifts her legs (while leaning on me) to put her foot in her pants leg.
  • She can pull a pull-up up if it is up to her knees already.
  • She willingly puts her hand up to push her arm threw a shirt sleeve.
  • She is clapping to indicate yes.
  • She randomly will Sign "more"
  • She is eating better on her appetite stimulant...haha we should all be so lucky to need that
  • She is more able to walk up stairs with a hand rail and even step up a curb unassisted.
  • She's attempting to use silverware at meals.
  • Her receptive language has really grown in the past 4 months.
  • She will bring her cup if you ask for it.
  • She will go get a book...sitting to listen to a story is a whole different thing haha
  • She will climb the swing-set and go down the slide unassisted!!!

Shebli is saying new words everyday...

  • She saw the mailman earlier today and she pointed to him and said, "mail"
  • I said, "oh how nice" and she immediately started saying "nice"
  • I told her Sadie didn't mean it, and she said, "mean"
  • diaper
  • knock knock
  • door
  • Sadie is now called ssssssss instead of tata for cute!
  • cheeee is cheese

Parenthood is amazing!

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Disclaimer Ha Ha

Just for anyone who is reading this, this blog is meant to inform the reader about what is going on in our life. AND how it affects me, Sadie, Shelbi, and Daddy....That includes me venting and also sharing good things too. Just wanted to say that! =)
Thanks for your interest in Sadie and life with a disabled child!

Monday, May 4, 2009

High 5 for Shelbi

After a long stressful day...I'm thinking back on my last post and would like to give kudos to Shelbi for the sweets words she says...

Of course Mommy and Daddy
Daisy (dog)
TaTa = sister
Joyce (neighbor)
Nanny (grandmother)
Memaw (grandmother)
GaGa (Meghan)
NeeNee (Nicole)
wawa (water)
spicy (so cute)
bless you
I love you
mooo (cow)
baba (sheep)
buck buck (duck)
ostrich (so cute)
ooooooohhhhh (open)
uh oh
bye bye
ruffffff (barking sound)
damn-it (opps she copied me today)
booboo (cut/bug bite)
pee peee
poooo (poop)
green (signs it too)
A (points to it too)
B (points to it too)
points to letter C
ABCs (just those 3 letters)

today she copied a bunch of words, but I'm drawing a blank

She also knows a minimum of 150 signs (me too) thanks to watching Signing Time with Alex and Leah.

I love you sweetie!

The Past Month

Ok, so I swore I would be more diligent about posting...and I really don't know what happened to the time.

In the past month, Sadie locked me out of the house. Apparently, occupational therapy is doing a great job...she was able to turn the dead bolt behind me when I walked on our front porch to wave to our neighbor. Lucky for me, my husband was only 5 minutes away and saved the day. Needless to say, we have a spare key now.

About two weeks after that Sadie was also able to lock me IN Shelbi's room. Long story short...Shelbi is in a big girl bed and we put a lock on the outside of her door to keep her inside. Yes, I know most people would say that my child knows to stay in bed until I come to them. Well, Shelbi's been in a queen bed since she was 15 months old due to her ability to climb and also the desire to not be caged in a crib. After a terrifying few minutes my neighbors heard me screaming out the window and came immediately...using the spare key to get me out. I immediately ran to our bathroom and Sadie is standing in our shower with Bill's razor in one hand and his toothbrush in the other...Conclusion...the lock is now higher up out of her reach.

Facts...the developmentally pediatrician continues to track her at 60 to 50% of her chronological age...12month old in language, feeding, mentally, etc. and 20-24 months in play/social skills. We all know she is so happy and social. Genetics pediatrician encourages us to do all we can for her, but understanding we need to have realistic expectations about her development. She says that concerning her curve of development and considering her age...we need to be realistic about how far we stress her/us out by pushing too hard. She encouraged us to find a balance between their appetite stimulant medication and allergy medication. They are both antihistamines. Orthopedic Surgeon believes at this time the tibia torsion surgery is not in her future and that Sadie's toeing-in is because of her very flexible hips. He discourages the "W" sit position. And so do we...."Fix your feet" is the catchy phrase we use to help her realize she's sitting that way as recommended by her private PT, who is awesome!!!

She is currently prescribed Prevacid 2 times a day (morning and bedtime), Claritin once a day at bedtime, and Periactin once a day at lunch to increase her appetite.

My only hope is that people continue to understand much is assumed because she looks so normal. She is a 4 year old with a 1 year old understanding...She is 100% dependent on her care...diapering, changing her clothes, predicting her wants and needs (she is non-verbal), drooling, high calorie food, her safety...she doesn't see danger. She is getting bigger and more things are becoming a danger to her. She can now reach things she never could before, locking doors, climbing. Nothing can be left unattended...she still puts things in her mouth...she is a stuffer. She would unroll the toilet is stored in the cabinet. She knocks over open drink containers. She sucks on the soles of shoes if they are left out. She doesn't understand hot and cold. She can reach the stove from the other side of the counter. She is now exhibiting stim type behavior...banging her head with her Dustin Hoffman did in "Rainman." She doesn't always see depth perception and often falls down the step in our house into the playroom. She can't be unattended outside...she puts sticks and wood mulch in her mouth. She literally choked on a piece of mulch last summer and we had to throw her upside down and do back blows. She has almost zero reflex skills for self protection. We start to lose our balance and we can catch ourselves, she will simply fall and hit her head....She doesn't eat well...remember those days when your child is 1 year old and you are encouraging him to eat the peas, but he just doesn't want too. You somehow think if you make that food and airplane that he'll eat it...Sadie is like that everyday every meal. Every meal, I mean every every meal...I pray she will get enough to at very least sustain her weight and hope she might gain a little

This list goes on and on...I don't write to be negative or vent...just to be truthful in the reality of a day with Sadie. Not that its important to me that people understand me or her or our family... I don't want sympathy...but maybe some empathy for life...Some gratitude about how lucky you are and our friends are to have a "normal experience" with their children. In many ways, I've become cynical about other people gossiping about the stupidest things. Or even complaining about the most trivial of life's issues. Or assuming and questioning why I don't go back to work...people let me tell you...I can't go back to work...Sadie is a full time, therapy, goes on and on...I'm just sick of the smart ass comments about how nice it might be to stay home... I'm sick of the comments oh, I'd be so bored if I stayed home, or the smart ass comments "oh that must be nice" I just think that the old rule should apply...if you have nothing nice to say then say nothing at all...or what ever happened to the basic thinking before you speak. I just can't believe how many rude people there are...friends that actually say "oh, I'm so retarded." A friend of mine actually said, you know that's my word. Come on people, you can't be serious...have a heart...Sadie's medical diagnosis is mental retardation...politically correct or not...please get the picture. At anytime, someone could become brain injured...please don't take that for granted and be mean to people who can't help themselves.